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Bladeless LASIK (Intralase)

intralaseLASIK has undergone many stages of improvement since its inception in the 1990’s. The automated microkeratome has become much better and safer. Most recently, a new laser device, Intralase, has replaced the automated microkeratome. Instead of cutting with a steel blade (as with automated microkeratome), Intralase creates corneal flaps with laser alone. Intralase has certain advantages over keratome in that Intralase treatment can be customized and is safer than automated microkeratome.

intralase laserComputers are now used to track the eye to ensure excellent centering of the laser treatment. The laser technology has improved leading to better surgical outcome and fewer complications. Eye tracker is used to ensure excellent centering of the laser treatment by compensating for minute eye movements that may occur during LASIK. The iris patterns of each are registered (called iris registration) prior to laser treatment to ensure the correct eye is being treated and to enhance the proper placement of laser spots. The LASIK treatment algorithm is now customized for each eye, and as result many patients are attaining sharper vision after LASIK than the best vision they had with their glasses and contact lenses before LASIK.

At DuPage Ophthalmology, we put each potential LASIK patient through careful examination and extensive preoperative workup. We handle each LASIK patient with extreme care through the entire process, before, during, and after LASIK.

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