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Preoperative Testing

Preoperative testing for cataract surgery and presbyopia correction

At DuPage Ophthalmology, we incorporate the latest technologies in performing preoperative testing on our patients prior to cataract surgery and presbyopia correction. A typical preoperative testing involves:

  • Keratometry
  • Pentacam
  • Immersion A-scan
  • Optical biometry
  • Specular microscopy
  • Macular optical coherence tomography

The first four ensure that the dimensions of the eye are measured accurately and the last two checks whether the eye is healthy enough to undergo surgery and how the eyesight will be after surgery. To attain the excellent surgical results consistently requires not only the best tools but also consistent vigilance on every step of the testing process. The each measurement has to be performed consistently and carefully every time. The surgical results are constantly tracked and analyzed.

Obtaining consistently surgical outcome is a multi-step process, akin to baking tasty cakes consistently. There is not a single ingredient or tool that makes a cake tasty, but rather it is the entire baking process – the ingredients, the tools, the recipe, the baker, etc, that makes the cake taste great every time. Similarly, excellent consistent outcome with cataract surgery and presbyopia correction depends one the entire process, not just one machine or one technique.

At DuPage Ophthalmology, we have attained precisions in our surgical outcome that are better than the usual medical standards. The mean absolute refractive error, a measure of the accuracy of cataract surgery, is typically 0.57 diopter for most cataract practices, which is probably not good enough for implanting presbyopia-correcting lenses. To produce consistent results with presbyopia-correcting lenses, the mean absolute refractive error should be 0.50 diopter or less. Our results are consistently below this mark and our most recent results are close to 0.30 diopter.

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