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Presbyopia is a condition, in which, patient develops difficulty with near vision. With age, we gradually lose the ability to focus at near. For most of us, starting in the forties, we start to push reading material further away in order to keep it in focus. Presbyopia becomes more disturbing when we are tired, reading for long time, or reading in the dark. Presbyopia progresses eventually to the point we can no longer hold the reading material far enough. In the past, we would have to resort to reading or bifocal glasses. In patients wearing contact lenses, some may choose bifocal contact lenses or monovision. With monovison, the dominant eye wears a contact lens for distance and the non-dominant eye wears a contact lens for near.

Another common cause of presbyopia is cataract surgery, which removes the natural lens of the eye. A cataract is a cloudy natural lens, which, when it was clear, did the fine focusing for near vision. This fine focusing capability is lost after removal of cataract. Until recently, patients after undergoing cataract surgery have to wear reading or bifocal glasses in order to have a full-range of vision.

Now, patients with presbyopia or cataracts have the option of having most of their near vision restored and their dependence on glasses significantly reduced with presbyopia correction.

Presbyopia correction combines the three latest advancements in eye surgery:

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